About Us

Time bears testimony of success story of HASSEN TAHERSEAFOODS MTIUS LTD. Its four generations dedication to fishing and distribution of fish and crustaceans nut shelling Quality and only Quality is second to none. Besides its progress, expansion and growth are axed on Market Transparency and client-oriented equality.

Mutuality and Transparency in Faith and Trust are the foundation of our growth.

Our service experience and market consolidation have undoubtedly been referenced by the Hotel and Leisure Industry Authorities.

Strictly , stipulated in ISO and HACCP Concepts ; same have been revolutionized by our Trained , formed and knowledgeable workers.

The latter`s Skills and Talents are constantly being improved and managed with the ultimate aim of achieving Zero-Defect Quality.

HASSEN TAHER SEAFOODS MTIUS LTD over decades have been endeavoring hard to satisfy its clients; from individuals to corporates. A solid reference-based reputation is our credential mainly in the HOTEL and LEISURE Industry through Hyper-Markets and Restaurants throughout the Island. Our Service-Quality standards are the driving force of HASSEN TAHER SEAFOODS MTIUS LTD growth diversification and decentralization.